ADAPT for Organisations

Guiding and supporting leaders to build resilient businesses that live on beyond them

ADAPT for Teams

Helping leaders to build effective teams through collaboration and alignment

How can ADAPT for Organisations help you build a resilient business?

Never in our history have we lived in such a fast changing and complex environment. Products, markets, customer wants, technology and attitudes towards work and career are all changing. Traditional hierarchical approaches to organisational design and leadership simply don’t work anymore.

We want to help organisations to be successful whilst contributing to better outcomes for all stakeholders. To do this we help leaders to integrate:

A healthy organisational culture
A systems thinking ‘network’ approach
The succession of roles, knowledge, wisdom and eventually ownership

With this focus, we have built the ADAPT platform: a method for how to build resilient business and a cloud technology solution to enable it.

How we help

We guide and support you to build the capability within your business to solve the big challenges you face along the way.

Establish effective leadership

The core of any good organisation is good leadership. The leaders are responsible for nurturing and continually innovating your organisation.

The purpose of this capability is to improve leadership capabilities including stewardship of strategy and clarity around values and purpose.

  • Develop Total System Leadership behaviours
  • Document and store values, purpose and guiding philosophy
  • Implement effective project management methods

Embed your culture

An organisation is made up of people who need to work in teams. Productivity directly relates to the ability of a team to collaborate.

The purpose of this capability is to systematically embed your culture to create alignment of your people now and into the future.

  • Guide leaders to implement a Cultural Leadership network
  • Support leaders with cultural measurement technology
  • Implement a robust recruitment method

Engage Your People

An organisation cannot thrive without engaged, capable people, collaborating together to deliver on the purpose of the organisation.

The purpose of this capability is to optimise engagement of the people in your organisation.

  • Implement peer to peer feedback model with supporting technology
  • Clarify positions and roles
  • Innovate remuneration models

Optimise how you work

Traditional organisational architecture uses departments – a hierarchy of responsibility and power. We believe this approach is outdated.

The purpose of this capability is to clarify who does what and when so that everyone can understand and innovate how your organisation works.

  • Develop design thinking skills
  • Capture the flow of work
  • Capture guidance to enable the handover of knowledge

Innovate your product offering

A sustainable business needs to have a product to generate revenue. Without revenue no business can survive.

The purpose of this capability is to construct a framework for the continuous research and development of your product offering.

  • Document and validate your big ideas
  • Establish a framework for innovating your product
  • Develop a strategy for taking your product to market

Manage your financial security

A successful organisation needs efficient and collaborative financial systems to track its current and future financial positions.

This capability helps you to design and integrate a robust financial system so that the organisation can track its journey to financial independence.

  • Create a Chart of Accounts based on the architecture of the organisation
  • Ensure visibility of the revenue pipeline
  • Track and forecast cash resources

Enable your ownership succession

The ownership of an organisation, whether it is privately owned, employee owned or publicly listed, will evolve over time.

This capability provides a framework enabling owners to formulate, communicate and execute their ownership intentions.

  • Research succession plans and their legal implications
  • Design an ownership framework that best serves the owners’ intentions

Engage your stakeholders

A successful organisation values how their network of stakeholders interacts to create shared value.

The purpose of this capability is to provide a framework for capturing your stakeholders and manage the ongoing relationships.

  • Identify and document your stakeholders
  • Plan and manage your stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Monitor the health of your stakeholder relationships

The journey

You can choose to follow a journey to implement all of these capabilities, or you may choose to implement only some – no two companies are the same!

Our ADAPT Practitioners will help integrate what you are currently doing with a systems thinking and succession mindset, enabled by our cloud-based platform ADAPT.

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ADAPT for Organisations

Our cloud-based platform ADAPT enables everyone in your organisation to come on the ADAPT journey and provides the framework and tools to implement each capability.

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How can ADAPT for Teams improve your teams’ effectiveness?

As the leader of a team, finding a way of aligning everyone to work productively without micro-managing them can be tough! Ideally, you want everyone to be accountable for their roles and relationships within the team and deal with issues in an honest, authentic way.

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ADAPT for Teams provides the method and technology platform to do this. It gives you a shared place to:

Capture your team purpose and values, helping you to define your team behaviours
Track work and view the work of others

Record peer to peer feedback around contribution, connection, and engagement

The dashboard gives you a quick view of your team network health and provides you with the data you need to lead a productive and aligned team.

The Facts

How can an effective team affect your bottom line?


Less Turnover

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Average Staff Attrition Rate

2015 “Pulse Survey” of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).


Estimated cost of lost productivity in Aus due to staff turnover in the first 12 months

Reported by the consultancy firm, The Retail Solution.


Approx. salary costs of unsuccessful hire for a tertiary qualified graduate who leaves the organisation after 6 months.

Estimated by ADAPT by Design.


ADAPT for Teams

Our cloud-based platform ADAPT enables everyone in your team to come on the ADAPT journey and work together in a productive and effective way.

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Want to get more of a feel for ADAPT?

We always start by doing a review of where your business is at so we can get a feel for where you want it to be. Complete the online diagnostic and consciously identify where your business challenges may be and where you could focus your attention in order to improve your business.

Want to get more of a feel for ADAPT for Teams?

It is always a good idea to start by assessing where you are currently at. Complete the team assessment and consciously identify your team strengths and challenges.